01. Because he is an [athlete], he is very careful about his diet.
02. I'm no [athlete]; in fact, I'm terrible at sports.
03. Their daughter is quite [athletic], and does well in most sports.
04. Janet is not very [athletically] gifted, but she has a lot of fun playing sports nonetheless.
05. My son has always done well in [athletics] at school.
06. The overall [athleticism] of a decathlon competitor is quite amazing.
07. Hockey star Wayne Gretzky is perhaps Canada's most famous [athlete].
08. Willie Shoemaker once observed that desire is the most important factor in the success of any [athlete].
09. I don't understand why my supposedly [athletic] son, who plays a number of different sports, takes the bus to school instead of riding his bike.
10. Reaching the summit of Mount Everest without the aid of oxygen tanks was an incredible [athletic] accomplishment.
11. Olympic testing of [athletes] for anabolic steroids began in 1976.
12. Since the revolution, Cuba has produced world class [athletes] and boxers.
13. In 1988, a small group of [athletes] from Angola were able to realize their dream of competing in the Olympics in Seoul, Korea.
14. The Olympic Games were so important to the ancient Greeks that all wars on Greek territory were halted to allow [athletes] to travel safely to Olympia in order to participate.
15. Many businesses in Norway sponsor [athletic] teams in a number of sports.

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